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Repairs Gallery

Below are a few examples of Shane’s repair work. As you can see below, he can fix anything!

This Ovation needed some serious TLC!

IMG_20150501_153048 IMG_20150505_174446 IMG_20150505_174500 IMG_20150505_174511

IMG_20150522_142711 IMG_20150522_142719 IMG_20150522_150922 IMG_20150522_150934

IMG_20150616_144536 IMG_20150616_144543 IMG_20150616_144557 IMG_20150616_144615 IMG_20150617_182400 IMG_20150617_182427 IMG_20150617_182444

This Gibson acoustic had a bad case of lacquer peel and badly needed refinishing.

IMG_20150429_150745 IMG_20150429_145550 IMG_20150629_181324 IMG_20150629_181308 IMG_20150623_163854 IMG_20150701_162908 IMG_20150701_162917 IMG_20150701_162929 IMG_20150629_181450

Fitting a sustainer to a Kramer V

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This Gibson Les Paul Custom had a badly buckle rashed back and needed a respray followed by a full fret level. guitars n stuff 012guitars n stuff 013guitars n stuff 014 guitars n stuff 015jamies gibo 016jamies gibo 019jamies gibo 017jamies gibo 006jamies gibo 004jamies gibo 002jamies gibo 009jamies gibo 010jamies gibo 015guitars n stuff 017guitars n stuff 018jamies gibo 011jamies gibo 012


This Eggle required a respray and was taken back to the wood and refinished. Jamie Iphone Pics 006 Jamie Iphone Pics 001 Jamie Iphone Pics 002 Jamie Iphone Pics 003

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