Shane offers a variety of services including setups, pickup changes, fret stoning/dressing, repairs, resprays.

With over 25 years experience Shane can basically fix anything!

Shane is also a highly respected Luthier and can build your dream guitar to your exact specification from scratch.

Contact Shane on 01924277930 (Landline) / Mobile 07748015115 (Mobile) for more information and pricing.

Please see below for some of the services Shane provides.

  • Restring
  • Basic Setup
  • Fret level, crown and polish
  • Loose frets glued, level crown and polish
  • Compound fret level crown and polish
  • Partial re-fret
  • Full re-fret (various wires and materials available)
  • De-fret, from fretted to fretless
  • Scalloped fretboard
  • Fingerboard inlay work, custom inlays, replacement, repairs
  • Fret board extensions, i.e 22 fret extended to 24 fret
  • Fingerboard removal and replacement
  • Neck repairs, twisted/warped neck repair
  • Truss rod repair/replacement
  • Top nut repairs/replacement, custom nuts created (choice of materials, spacing etc)
  • Floyd Rose top nuts fitted or removal and change to standard
  • Saddle work, custom options, materials
  • Saddle slots filled and re-slotted
  • Bridge removal, repair or replacement
  • Piezo pickups fitted, including routing/fit suppled kits
  • Electronic repairs, service or replacement
  • Volume/tone pots, switches, jack sockets repaired/replaced
  • Pickup replacement/repair
  • Pickup re-winding
  • Pickup pot waxing
  • Customised wiring mods, midi fitting, sustainer units, active battery fitting
  • Routing to fit certain pickups
  • Control cavity enlarging
  • Pickup cavity filled
  • Repsrays/Custom Paint Jobs/Touch ups
  • Custom Guitars built to your exact specification



Guitar Luthier, Repairs and Lessons. Horbury Bridge, Wakefield